The amazing journey of our unending discovery was made known when the visionary founder Ifeanyi Mbaogu had an epiphany spark of creativity due to the frustration he faced while trying to market one of his digital products.

It was so deep cut that he decided to create a proper solution to this once overwhelming problem which he plans to evolve to the point of having multiple software companies.

Long story short after he devised the solution to this marketing and growth strategy, he decided to give people the best of what he would have expected to exist to a point of perfection.

As the great writer that he is he thought about the incorporation of both the email problem and his ever-amazing writing skills and knowledge into what is now called Mailbucca Limited.

Our motto

“We help you Adapt. Engage. Amplify.”

Ifeanyi Mbaogu

Our team encompasses a group of wonderful people who decided to give a one-shot solution to all your Web design & email marketing needs.